• Australia’s Amcor PLC is a defensive stock pick.
  • When uncertain times lay ahead, stocks like Amcor provide security to the investor due to their size and market reach.
  • A sizeable defensive play like Amcor can secure funds while continually supplying income yield in a market where investor and company instability is rife.

Originally incorporated as an Australian Paper Manufacturer, the Amcor brand was created in 1986. Through several mergers and acquisitions, the Amcor we see today is located in Switzerland. The company is dual-listed on the NYSE and ASX as Amcor PLC ASX: AMC (AMC). Today, AMC is one of the world’s largest rigid plastic packaging producers, with an impressive flexible packaging product line. With products tailored to various applications in consumable items, AMC is finely tuned to the demands of the global market.


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As one of the largest packaging producers in the world, global packaging manufacturer and distributor AMC has a touchpoint to international markets via nearly every type of consumable product. AMC operates over a broad distribution network and via multiple sales channels. Its geographic diversity and wide range of product price points have created a well-balanced competitive business.

The AMC product line balance ensures the company can grow top-line revenue in line with the international economy, plus a little extra through its cosmetic packaging sector. AMC’s reach and size make it a heavy ship to pivot, though this size will provide the investor with a steady and secure space to invest while returning a decent 4.8% yield.


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The sales growth of an annualised 4% through 31st March 2023 over a stock price to earnings multiple of 15 provide a decent entry point to the stock in a market that does contain some inflated sectors.

AMC is a safe and secure investment ti complement any portfolio, delivering yield and security to the investor via its size, global distribution, and market reach.


When in doubt, go big!


Source: Yahoo!Finance



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