• RPMGlobal has been in business for 50 years.
• The company’s customers are miners in more than 14 countries.
• The company provides software solutions, consulting, advisory, and training services.

RPMGlobal operates in three divisions – Software, Consulting and Advisory, and Training. The company derives most of its revenue from its software division. RPMGlobal’s innovative software solutions provide advanced mining technology to its customers, spanning the entire mining life cycle.

RPM’s consulting and advisory offerings assist both miners and the financial institutions upon which they depend. The company has prepared and delivered more than 14,000 studies focusing on mining areas worldwide.
The training division offers online and classroom courses ranging from equipment costing to mining for non-miners and mine planning. RPMGlobal also creates custom courses to meet the needs of individual customers.
Year to date, RUL’s share price is down 9.71%, but over five years, the share price has risen 165.5%.

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In a preview of the company’s upcoming Full Year 2023 Financial Report, RUL’s management issued an update on software sales and expected EBITDA (earnings before interest taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) for the end of the financial year 2023.

The 10th July announcement stated TCV (total contract value) for the fiscal year is up 24.5%, to $70.5 million dollars, a 14.3 million dollar increase. Subscription sales, perpetual sales, and new maintenance revenue all increased.
The company’s Advisory division also had a banner year, with a 54% increase in revenue.
RPM has a strong balance sheet with no debt and $34.7 million dollars cash on hand, up from the previous year’s $34.5 million. That is despite the company’s $7.6 million dollar share buyback and $0.9 million on an acquisition.

An analyst at Baker Young has a BUY recommendation on the stock, based mainly on the July update and the solid performance of the company’s recently acquired Advisory Division.

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