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Bob Kohut
Bob Kohut

Bob Kohut has been writing about finance for more than 30 years. As an active trader he brings a unique perspective to share market trading and investing issues.

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Recent and archived work by Bob Kohut for The Bull:

“Are We Entering the Golden Age of Gas?”

That question was posed in the title of a 2011 special World Energy Outlook report issued by the IEA (International Energy Agency.) In the opening paragraph the authors cited supporting evidence for that bold speculation, among them the North American shale gas boom, the expansion of LNG trade, troubling questions over the future of nuclear…

Telco Stocks on the Rebound

Regardless of their investing philosophy, most retail investors are interested in growth. Income investors know without growth dividend payments are at risk. Value investors know without growth the company’s intrinsic value will decline. Growth investors prefer companies that reinvest profits in growth opportunities rather than in dividend payments. The principal means companies have at their…

2019 Losers Poised for a Comeback

Retail Investors who take pride in calling themselves “stock-pickers” are constantly on the lookout for picks. Twice a year they are treated to the annual delight of listings of best and worst ASX performers for the trading year, ending on or about 31 December, and for the fiscal year, ending on or about 30 June….

When the Smartest People in the Room Get it Wrong

For reasons ranging from time and temperament to financial acumen, many retail investors choose to allow the professionals – the “smartest people in the room” to manage their money. Why endure the pain of picking your own stocks when you can get a wizard at stock picking to do it for you? In the UK,…

Does King Coal Have Nine Lives

On 20 June reported that a subsidiary of ASX listed coal miner Yancoal Limited (YAL), Moolarben Coal Operations, has received approval from the NSW government to expand its coal production at a JV project in NSW. This was the second announcement in the past month where the coal miners received a seal of approval…

When The Dead Cats Keep Bouncing

On 22 September back in 1981, a financial editor at the UK Guardian introduced to the investing world the graphic metaphor “dead cat bounce.” That morbid image referred to an illusory uptick in price of a particular stock or market sector following a calamitous fall. The obvious point is that the still dead cat will…

The Siren Song Of The Initial Public Offering

On 30 January of 2015 a hi-tech data collection and analysis company developing artificial intelligence and machine learning applications listed on the ASX through an initial public offering (IPO). The company was Appen Limited (APX). The opening trading price for APX was $0.50, closing at $0.56. In less than five years the stock price is…

A Strategy For Stock Hunters

Once the decision has been made to look to stock markets as a place for investment dollars, all retail investors face the same choice – decide for yourself what individual stocks in which to invest or delegate the decision to others. The latter option does involve some research and decision making choosing exchange traded or…

Health and Biotech Stocks Making News

Conventional wisdom advises newcomers to share market investing the ultimate moving forces of a stock’s price are not company fundamentals, technical signals, nor market sentiment, but the influence those factors have on supply and demand. There is nothing mysterious about the basic equation that more buyers than sellers will drive up the share price. The…

Surviving the Trade War Fallout

To the surprise of many political prognosticators around the world Donald John Trump emerged from the US 2016 presidential election as the winner, fueled in part by a rising populist tide convinced that unfair trade deals, like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), had crushed US manufacturing. The target countries for alleged unfair trade…

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