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Oliver King
Oliver King

Oliver describes himself as a rare beast, being a third-generation financial advisor, and both of his parents are well respected financial advisors in their own right. Oliver decided to ignore the temptation to buck the tradition, though he does recall holding short-lived dreams of becoming a professional rugby player until his first minor concussion. Ultimately that decision was fortunate for us at The Bull, as Oliver brings his undeniable familial and personal knowledge to our pages. In his career he has written for several financial magazines and still writes a regular column for his small local newspaper, honing his style to best bring sound financial advice to his readers, particularly in regard to superannuation. His personal goal would be to see everybody enjoying the benefits and security of a robust pension plan. Oliver has an obsession with news in all subjects around the world and refuses to say how large his collection of newspapers is or how much of his garage space it takes up. As such, he is usually the first to know about goings-on in the finance world and is a particular follower of new government regulations. He lives in Canberra with his wife Amelia and their three cats.

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