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ASX down more than one per cent

SYDNEY, AAP – Australian shares fell in early trade after five days of gains and a poor lead from Wall Street. The market was down by more than one per cent at noon on Friday as commodity prices, which have soared and bolstered shares since Russia invaded Ukraine, finally slipped. The benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was…

Snap lockdowns essential for now: Treasury

CANBERRA, AAP – Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has warned until 70 per cent of Australians are vaccinated, it is an economic imperative that governments move fast to get on top of coronavirus cases. “If they don’t, we see lengthier and more severe lockdowns which have a much more significant economic cost,” he told reporters in Canberra…

Petrol demand may never recover: report

NEW YORK, AP – The world’s once-insatiable demand for petrol is unlikely to recover to pre-pandemic levels, a report from the International Energy Agency says. Petrol use cratered during the pandemic as cities shut down and many people began working from home, a trend that will likely continue as the COVID-19 crisis eases. Many governments…