Author: Ethan Cameron

Ethan Cameron
Ethan Cameron

Hailing from a large Melbourne-based family of Irish heritage, Ethan broke the Cameron mould by setting his sights on a career in hedge fund portfolio management. While he is keen to say that his job is not as glamorous as his brothers would like to believe, Ethan still gets a thrill out of his work and enjoys few things more than finely crafting effective investment strategies. He has been working with the same team of analysts and researchers for many years and likes to think of them as having a hive-like mind - always anticipating their respective needs and working with maximum efficiency and communication. There are few writers more experienced than Ethan in making crucial portfolio decisions and who are as tapped into underlying global market conditions, so we welcome his regular contributions to The Bull. He is a keen investor himself and has a particular interest in ethical and socially responsible investing, which he often champions to friends, colleagues and anyone else who will listen. Ethan is also a lover of the sea, taking regular sailing trips with his faithful dog Murphy (which means sea warrior in Irish), and he is always planning their next adventure.

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