• Venture Minerals has six projects in various stages of development.
  • With the exception of iron ore, the other five all target critical minerals for the green energy transition.
  • The company’s share price year to date is up 228.5%.

Venture has many irons in the fire, with the Jupiter Rare Earth Element (REE) Prospect, part of the broader Brothers REE project in a top tier Western Australian mining region, driving the share price year to date. On 8 February Venture released positive findings from the initial assay results from Stage One drilling at the project.

Venture’s managing director stated the “record-breaking ultra high-grade REE clay results place Venture ahead of competitive miners in the region.”

vms venture minerals limited stock price chart overview 2024

Source: ASX

The share price skyrocketed, driven by the continuing positive announcements from the Jupiter Prospect.


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Venture is a penny stock, spread thin over multiple projects and in a race to generate revenue to stem the cash bleeding out to pay for development.  The company did manage to cut its loss in FY 2023.

Venture Minerals Financial Performance

venture minerals financial performance 2024

Source: ASX

As of the most recent quarter (MRQ) the company has a strong balance sheet, with total cash of $2 million dollars against total debt of $162 thousand; debt to equity at 6.85% and a current ratio of 2.23.

An analyst at Peak Asset Management has a BUY recommendation on Venture Minerals, citing the company’s recent announcement of additional drilling at Jupiter Rare Earths, which will lead to a maiden resource estimate. The analyst’s conclusion is “the outlook is encouraging for a company with a prospect in a tier one jurisdiction.”

There is scant analyst coverage on VMS shares, with only the Wall Street Journal reporting a single analyst at BUY.

Investors appear more enthusiastic as tipranks.com lists investor blog sentiment at BULLISH.

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