• The global battery market is projected to grow at 14% pa through
  • Avenira Limited is an Australian miner producing critical battery minerals and components.
  • With a groundswell of international demand, the Bull.com.au projects that this miner could capture some of that growth.

Avenira Limited ASX:AEV (AEV) is a mineral exploration and development company that operates in Australia. With a focus on gold and phosphate deposits, the company is actively engaged in the exploration and development of mineral resources.

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Avenira Limited

AEV’s prominent project is the Wonarah phosphate project, which it fully owns. This flagship project encompasses three exploration licenses spread across 1,452 square kilometres, and comprises seven licenses located in the Northern Territory of Australia

Investing in AEV is not for the inexperienced investor, and it should form part of a diversified holdings in battery minerals as well as in the wider electrical battery market.

AEV is speculative in nature; the valuation today is contingent upon possible future profits. With the future unknowable, there is the potential for AEV to turn in indefinite losses. AEV is yet to produce a return in its short history.

Despite their lack of returns, this does not mean that there isn’t an investment opportunity with this company. There is a wealth of resources on the Australian shores, and the market they operate in is rapidly looking for supply to meet their demand.


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Having recently secured land commitments in the Northern Territory, AEV offers growth potential if assays, supply, and purchase commitments materialise.

AEV presents an opportunity to the investor to get in early on a mineral producer in a huge growth sector with a market currently that is favouring producers. Additional due diligence should always be conducted for these riskier propositions.


Source: Yahoo!Finance

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