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Genex Power Limited (ASX: GNX)

Genex Power Limited is an energy and storage company based in Australia, focusing on the development of renewable energy generation and storage projects. The company operates across Australia with a portfolio that includes a mix of technologies such as large-scale batteries, pumped storage hydro, wind, and solar energy projects. Key projects include the Kidston Clean Energy Hub in north Queensland, which is a combination of solar, pumped storage hydro, and wind energy.

It features an operational 50 megawatt solar project, a 250 megawatt pumped storage hydro project under construction, and a 258 megawatt wind project in development. There’s also a potential for an additional 270 megawatt solar project at the same location. In central New South Wales, the company has the 50MW Jemalong Solar Project, and in Queensland, the Bouldercombe Battery Project, which is a large-scale Battery Energy Storage System.

The company’s revenue over the last twelve months is AUD 20.35 million, and it experienced a net loss of AUD 5.30 million. Founded in 2011, Genex Power Limited currently employs 17 people. Despite a slight decline in year-on-year revenue, from AUD 24.80 million to AUD 23.76 million, the company reduced its net loss from AUD 4.06 million to AUD 1.03 million.


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According to Wall Street analysts, over the next 12 months, Genex Power Ltd. has an average target price of AU$0.28. This forecast suggests a modest increase of 3.89% from the company’s last traded share price of AU$0.27. Notably, the highest and lowest estimates provided by the analysts are both AU$0.27, indicating a consensus or possibly a single analyst view rather than a range of opinions.


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