In the vibrant commodity markets, Australian silver miners remain a staple for investors seeking tangible assets and industrial demand continues to underpin its value. Silver prices have soared so far this year, hitting levels not seen for 3 years, and looking to take out highs not seen in a decade. XAGUSD is pushing towards new highs, and it is only natural that investors and traders alike will be looking for companies with exposure in the sector to further capitalise from the underlying growth of the metal.

Australia, the world’s fifth-largest silver producer, showcases a dynamic silver mining industry represented by companies of various sizes and stages of development. Among these, four silver stocks outshine some the rest. We are taking a look at market capitalisation on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), reflecting both their resource potential and investor confidence, as well as short to medium term performance. Whilst there are many different ways to find exposure to Silver, a lot of investors like sticking to what they know, and for us, that means Aussie shares.

Within the companies we have on this list, there is a balance between pure silver plays, and one that has a strong silver business segment as part of the wider company. We are going to start with one of the real big players in the mining sector, and one that holds a huge amount of silver reserves on its’ books.

Newmont Corporation CDI (ASX:NEM) is a heavyweight within the gold and precious metals mining industry. They have a staggering market cap of $44.50 bn. The current share price is $59.79, and with NEM shares trading very much within a range since listing in October 2023, this is a stock that offers dividends, with recent yields around 2.5%. Their main focus is not on Silver as this is a firm that prioritises Gold extraction, but they do have a substantial amount of silver reserves, amounting to circa 600 million ounces. Newmont have had a stellar month, with their share price gaining 13.05%. Although Newmont are frontrunners in mineral extraction, they might not be your first choice when choosing a firm specialising in silver extraction, as although it is a part of their business, it is not their primary focus. With both gold and silver prices pushing new levels of optimism, Newmont are one to make the list. As indicated, Newmont shares were relisted on the ASX on 27 Oct 2023 so there is no larger price performance to compare to the others over 5 years.

Adriatic Metals (ASX:ADT) can safely say that their main focus is mineral exploration and development, with silver projects forming a key part. It is within their core business strategy and investors are quietly excited about their strategic approach and resource management. Their market cap is a more modest $841.74 million, but ADT are no small cap firm. Having recently opened a brand new mine producing silver-zinc-lead (based on the discovery at the Rupice deposit) in Bosnia, the project dubbed ‘The Vares Silver Project’, sees a new mine open on a site of a former iron works (closed way back in 1990). The Rupice deposit boasts high-grade silver and zinc mineralisation up to 65m wide, from depths of 250-300m. From a performance standpoint, Adriatic Metals’ (ASX:ADT) share price has had a stable start to 2024, with 4% gains year to date. Looking out over a longer timeline and ADT shareholders that have stuck with the stock over the past 5 years have seen a very impressive gain of 311%. With the shares trading around all time highs, Adriatic Metals is definitely one to watch within the silver market.


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Silver Mines Ltd (ASX:SVL) are a silver mining company with a market cap of $301.6 million, smaller than some of the larger players in the silver space, but size is not everything. We shouldn’t let their smaller size colour our view of this exciting silver company, as their share price can attest to. Silver Mines Ltd’s (ASX:SVL) share price has increased by 17.65% in the first quarter of 2024, reflecting positive sentiment in the firm and the stock. This is a company that have been around for a long time, and despite the fact that shares are currently trading at a fraction of their earlier levels, there is hope in the ground that there will be more to come in the months and years ahead. Silver Mines currently hold 169 million ounces of silver, which is classed as the largest undeveloped silver resource in Australia. Investors are quietly confident that the large resource can back up production and in turn, profitability for Silver Mines. The 5 year performance chart for SVL has shone brighter than the metals, with 400% gains for long-term bulls bringing the company into greater focus.

Investigator Resources (ASX:IVR) is the smallest firm on our list today with a market cap of $82.76million. Investigator Resources’ share price has gone up 42.50% in the first quarter of 2024, having gained the interest of investors with their Paris Project, which is situated in southern Australia. That makes IVR the top performing stock on our list from a YTD standpoint, reflecting the fact that it is easier to move the price of a small cap company than a larger firm. The resources from the Paris Project are said to be one of the highest grades of primary silver in Australia. This can bolster potential profitability for Investigator Resources and keep investors interested in this small-cap silver company. Over 5 years, investors in IVR would have seen 470% gains, which is a figure that dwarfs the performance of many others.

The amalgamation of a rich resource base and innovative exploration techniques accounts for the impressive market caps of these Australian silver companies. As they continue to expand and develop their projects, the global silver market watches keenly, foreseeing a glittering future filled with lustrous opportunity for their investors and the industry at large. These four ASX-listed silver companies not only underscore the resource richness of Australia but also exemplify the strength and potential of the silver segment in the nation’s diverse mining industry. It is always worth bearing in mind that companies that can swing so wildly in one direction, also have the potential to do the opposite, and the underlying strength of the metal will be a key driver to watch for the companies above.


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