In a significant extension of an ongoing partnership, Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) up 8.69% in the last year, a preeminent software and services provider to utilities, has further solidified its relationship with Swedish utility titan, Bixia. This fortified collaboration ushers in a new era of advanced trading operations for Bixia, leveraging cutting-edge modules from Hansen Trade to navigate complex ancillary services markets.

Hansen Technologies’ commitment to innovation finds resonance with Bixia’s strategic decision to utilize Hansen Trade’s modules specifically tailored for Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) and Manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR) Ancillary Services trading. The integration of these modules is expected to fuel Bixia’s competitive advantage in the energy sector.

Hansen Trade’s FCR module is set to revolutionize Bixia’s engagement in the FCR market by automating the entire process, from bid submission to trade result handling. This automation ensures a seamless and efficient operation, allowing Bixia to confidently participate in the market with reduced manual intervention and an improved response time to market changes.

Further enhancing Bixia’s competitive stance, Hansen Trade provides a Regulating Power solution specifically for the mFRR energy and mFRR capacity markets. This solution empowers Bixia to automate its operations within these markets as well, evidencing Hansen’s capability to intertwine technological proficiency with market dynamism.

The profound trust between the two entities is highlighted by Eric Constantien, Head of Sales, Large Enterprises & Producers at Bixia, who underscored Hansen Trade’s reliability and extensive features as pivotal reasons behind deepening their partnership. Bixia’s step aligns with its mission of providing 100% renewable electricity across Sweden, underscoring its staunch commitment to fostering locally produced renewable energy.


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David Castree, Chief Customer Officer at Hansen, shared his enthusiasm about the expansion of their collaboration with Bixia, emphasizing the strategic benefits that Hansen Trade offers. The technological prowess of Hansen Trade not only assists in adeptly managing the dynamic forces within the energy markets but also in addressing the vicissitudes of regulatory landscapes.

Headquartered in Australia, Hansen Technologies is a global phenomenon, with its reach extending through the energy, water, and communications industries. The company’s reputation is built on the back of solutions like Hansen Trade, which forms part of the larger Hansen Suite for Energy & Utilities—a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to meet the evolving demands for flexibility and scalability in the energy-trading market.

With this expansion, Bixia harnesses a strategic advantage, affirming its position as a forward-thinking utility provider conscious of market demands and future-ready in its approach to service delivery. The synergy between Bixia’s visionary outlook and Hansen Technologies’ advanced solutions sketches an optimistic blueprint for the energy trading sector’s future.