Dutch seed breeding giant Rijk Zwaan sees “a good opportunity” to expand its business in the Chinese market, where high-quality agricultural products and services are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

“China’s agriculture is undergoing modernization transformation and needs products and services that meet agricultural modernization. This is a good opportunity for Rijk Zwaan,” said Rens Knieriem, the Managing Director of Rijk Zwaan China, to Xinhua in a recent written interview.

With a subsidiary and professional teams established in China, Rijk Zwaan has been active in China for over 20 years, said Knieriem.

“Our products and services are welcomed by Chinese farmers, and we are glad that we have contributed to the modernization of China’s agriculture and helped farmers master advanced agricultural technologies,” he said.

Founded in 1924, Rijk Zwaan is among the dozens of seed companies converging in the northwestern part of the Netherlands. The fertile land and amicable climate have made the region, dubbed Seed Valley, the core area of the Dutch vegetable growing and breeding industry since the 17th century.


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Rijk Zwaan, a global vegetable seed market giant, was among the exhibitors at the fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE).

CIIE is receiving more domestic and foreign attention and has become an important platform for international companies to introduce new products and services to Chinese customers, Knieriem said.

“As a vegetable breeding company, we are looking forward to building partnerships to contribute to the food supply and bring fresh, healthy vegetables to Chinese consumers,” he said.

“China is developing modern agriculture and digital agriculture, and there are more and more high-tech agricultural enterprises,” said Knieriem, also the Business Manager of Rijk Zwaan Asia.

He noted that Chinese consumers want safer, healthier and better-tasting vegetable products.

“Rijk Zwaan will introduce suitable products, as well as service for high-tech cultivation, and introduce high-quality, special varieties to Chinese consumers,” he said.

“Seeds are at the basis of people’s daily meals and therefore play an essential role in the world’s food supply. The high-quality seeds supplied to farmers and growers today are the harvests of tomorrow,” he said.

China is the world’s largest developing country, the world’s second-largest economy, and one of the world’s most important consumer markets, he said. “We have confidence in the long-term development of China’s economy.”

He said China is a crucial member of international trade and part of the global industrial chain. “We hope and believe that China will continue and play a positive role in economic globalization.”

Originally published by Xinhua