• Gold Miner Northern Star Resources ranks second among the top ASX listed gold producers by market capitalization.
  • The share price is up year over year and over five years,.
  • In the five days following  the release of positive Half-Year 2024 results, the share price has dropped.

Northern Star has multiple operation centres here in Australia and one in the US state of Alaska. The company’s Half Year 2024 Financial Results continued the trend of positive financial performance over the last four fiscal years, with revenues up 15% and underlying profit up 287%.

Northern Star Financial Performance

northern star financial performance 2023

Source: ASX

Northern Star has maintained its dividend payments through commodities downturns and the COVID 19 pandemic, with the Full Year 2023 dividend of $0.30 per share up from FY 2022’s $0.27 per share.  The five year average dividend yield is 1.52%, down from the current yield of 2.08%.

Over five years the share price is up 45.6%, with ample dips for buying opportunities.  Year to date the share price is up 20% but down 6.4% year to date.


Top Australian Brokers


nst northern star resources ltd stock price chart overview

Source: ASX

The latest buying opportunity came following the release of the Half Year 2024 results with the share price dropping 4.3% since the announcement.

An analyst at Fat Prophets has a BUY recommendation on Northern Star iShares, citing the company’s “ first-class assets, impressive execution, dividend payment increase, and strong 2024 first half results.

Marketscreener.com has an OUTPERFORM rating on NST shares, with five of 16 analysts reporting at BUY, five at OUTPERFORM, five at HOLD, and one at UNDERPERFORM.

The Wall Street Journal  has an OVERWEIGHT rating on Northern Star shares, with seven of eighteen analysts reporting at BUY, five  at OVERWEIGHT, five at HOLD, and one at UNDERWEIGHT.

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