MELBOURNE, AAP – Australian health authorities are warning parents to stop feeding their babies three brands of formula as they may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Both Victorian and New South Wales health authorities issued alerts on Sunday night, after EleCare, Similac and Alimentum instant formulas were recalled.

Manufacturer Abbott is conducting a precautionary recall of some of the formulas, which are made in the United States.

The formulas could be contaminated with Salmonella, which may lead to fevers, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea in babies.

There are fears the formulas may also contain Cronobacter, which can be fatal in babies and presents as a fever, poor feeding, crying or very low energy.


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The specialist formulas are available in Australia through a prescription at pharmacies, hospitals and via direct mail order.

Vic Health warned parents to immediately seek medical attention if any symptoms develop.

“Parents and caregivers should cease feeding with the affected products as soon as an alternative has been sourced,” Vic Health said in an alert.

“Infants or children may present to health services and emergency departments unwell if they have consumed affected formula.”

NSW Health Chief Paediatrician Matthew O’Meara said there had not yet been any infections linked to the formulas so far.