Investors in AUB Group Shares (ASX:AUB), a prominent player in the insurance broking and underwriting sector in Australia and New Zealand, are basking in the success of a 7.81% increase year to date. This figure highlights the substantial gains shareholders have enjoyed, far exceeding the pain of a total loss one might fear in stock investment.

Taking a longer term view of AUB Group’s market performance reveals a 128% appreciable rise in share price over five years, underlining the company’s escalating market value and investor confidence and putting them firmly in the bracket of top financial shares.

An integral component of AUB Group’s success story is its compound earnings per share (EPS) growth, which has seen a 10% annual increase consecutively over the last five years. This consistent elevation in EPS is a testament to the company’s profitability and operational efficiency, ensuring shareholders enjoy the fruits of sound financial stewardship.

Aside from the sheer growth in share price, the total shareholder return—which factors in dividends—over the past twelve months was 21%, an impressive addition to investors’ portfolios. Moreover, when averaged out over the past five years, AUB Group has rewarded its shareholders with an exceptional average annual TSR of 22%, a rate that would entice any discerning investor.

AUB Group’s robust performance is rooted in its core business operations within the insurance industry of Australia and New Zealand, where it has a significant presence and influence. This sustained growth trajectory not only serves as an exemplar for potential investors but also reaffirms the company’s strategic focus and robust market position over the years.


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Analyst expectations for AUB are still substantially above the current mark, with a consensus price target of $34.41, 15.8% above todays’ price. The highest target on the street is $37.25, and the low of $32.50 also above the current price of $29.54.

Amid market fluctuations and economic uncertainties, AUB Group Limited stands out with its striking track record of shareholder returns over the past five years. The convergence of strong share price appreciation, consistent earnings growth, and substantial dividend yields fortify the company’s reputation as a lucrative investment in the competitive insurance sector. This is a resounding affirmation of AUB Group’s capacity to generate enduring value for its shareholders over the long term.