What to look for this reporting season

Considering that we’re experiencing the toughest economic back-drop to a reporting season since 2000-01, revelations that earnings downgrades outnumber upgrades by a ratio of two to one shouldn’t surprise. Unsurprisingly, the focal point of reporting season is arguably outlook statements. And as many stocks, including Alesco, Lihir Gold, Monodelphous, Boral, Iress and Computershare recently discovered,…

Stocks to sell before it’s too late – tactics & tips

The S&P/ASX 200 Index may have lost 16.9% for the year ending 30 June, but with the oil price moving south and all indictors suggesting an imminent interest rate cut, there’s a glimmer of hope shares may soon regain lost ground. But don’t punt the rent money on it. If the 200 day trailing moving…

How to set up a stock watchlist

Shadow-boxing the sharemarket through a ‘phantom portfolio’ is one way to track stocks you might fancy. But Alex Henderson, investment analyst with Sage Private Clients says investors who bother to set-up stock watchlists should gain the discipline and confidence to either piddle or get off the pot. Assuming they’re set up properly, he says sector-specific…

Run your share portfolio like a professional fund manager

Shares are not just bought, they are employed to do a job – to create capital gain, or generate income – and if they’re not doing that job, they shouldn’t be there. Ian Murdoch, managing director at advisory firm Investstone Wealth Management, says thinking like a professional investor requires you firstly to define your strategy….

Broker Recommendations – 6 to BUY, 6 to SELL and 6 to HOLD

Michael Heffernan AUSTOCK BUY RECOMMENDATIONS Origin Energy (ORG) An energy retailer, but also a power generator, gas producer and explorer. It’s been an excellent sharemarket performer since splitting from Boral in 1991. It offers a bright future after selling half its coal seam gas assets for US$5 billion to US based ConocoPhillips in a joint…

Favourite stocks for 2009 – brokers reveal their picks

Shredded share prices potentially provide a building foundation for 2009, but generating wealth will require selective buying, according to analysts and brokers in the nation’s top investing houses. They say the worst may not be over, but we are unlikely to know the bottom until three-to-six months after the recovery begins. No one is going…



Finding a good financial planner

Finding a good financial planner can be made easier if you follow these four steps. Toni Case writes Finding a good financial planner can be made easier if you follow these four steps. Toni Case writes Finding a good financial planner can be made easier if you follow these four steps. Toni Case writes Finding…

A proper estate plan involves more than a Will

If you delay making vital adjustments to your estate plan, you may put your loved ones at risk

Top 5 ways to cut your phone bill

If your monthly mobile bill is giving you heart palpitations then it might be worthwhile considering ways to cut back on the cost of servicing your mobile phone habit.