Question: I was wondering your opinion regarding when selling shares and having the intention of selling all shares in a particular stock, to sell all but one, therefore being included in any future share purchase plans or offers etc?

There are both pros and cons with the above strategy.

The minimum marketable parcel in any one company is currently $500. If you choose to sell a proportion of your shares leaving a value less than $500, the company has the ability to at any time can acquire those shares without your permission.

Maintaining a small holding in a company will also mean that you will receive all communications entitled to shareholders (annual reports etc),this can add to the mail already received and may be a cause of frustration for some. This has become less of an issue with most registries switching to electronic communication methods.

The benefits of such a strategy are that as a shareholder you will be entitled to receiving offers for corporate actions that can prove beneficial to shareholders, however it is important to note that some companies may scale down entitlements for smaller share parcels.


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