SYDNEY, AAP – A new technology being tested at defence bases on Sydney Harbour has removed nearly 3000 kilograms of rubbish from the iconic waterway in the past year.

The Seabin Smart Technology will become a permanent fixture at Garden Island, with three units set to be maintained there.

The Australian technology removed 2920kg of plastic, fuels and detergents during the 12-month trial run by Defence and private company Veolia Environmental Services.

At the Garden Island trial site, a piece of plastic was removed every 40 seconds.

Over a two week period, Seabins collected 6198 items of waste from the harbour, says Minster for Defence Industry, Science and Technology Melissa Price.


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The trial exceeded expectations, she said.

The waste items included 3500 microfibres and microplastics and 2000 items of unidentifiable plastic waste.

Foam, food packaging, fishing line and cigarette butts were also scooped up.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley said it was a great time of year to focus on the role everyone can play in protecting the environment.

“We can’t keep putting plastic in our oceans and it starts by getting our waste into the recycling bin where it belongs,” she said.