The NSW Government is delivering the first program in Australia to accelerate the transformation of the goat meat sector from a wild harvested commodity into a long term, high value livestock sector.

Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW Dugald Saunders said the NSW Government will invest $1.2 million into its Going Ahead with Goats program to create a more sustainable industry.

“Australia is the largest exporter of goat meat in the world, and NSW graziers are the driving force behind this rapidly growing industry,” Mr Saunders said.

“Last financial year alone, exports generated a whopping $298 million, providing a critical income for producers in Western NSW.

“The Going Ahead with Goats program will not only modernise goat production in NSW, but improve biosecurity outcomes by moving towards a more managed production system.


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“It will provide NSW producers with a framework to guide future investment in the areas of reproduction, grazing management, genetics and animal health, which will ensure continuity of supply and sustained commodity value for goat producers, particularly in the western parts of our State.

“The goat sector has grown to become a major contributor to our agriculture sector and we want to work with graziers to take this industry to the next level.”

Mr Saunders recently toured the Thomas Foods International goat abattoir at Bourke, which received a $5 million grant from the NSW Government’s Regional Job Creation Fund.

The upgrade and expansion of the goat abattoir at Bourke will support producers ramping up and help create jobs, while also providing a social and economic boost for Bourke and Western NSW.

The Going Ahead with Goats project will be delivered by the region’s Local Land Services staff, who will work closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and other stakeholders including Western NSW goat producers.