BERLIN, July 26 (Xinhua) — German discount retailer Aldi South is considering a further business expansion in China with the planned opening of at least 100 new stores, the local business newspaper Handelsblatt has reported.

“China is and remains one of the most fascinating markets in all areas,” the paper quoted Roman Rasinger, managing director of Aldi China, as saying on Sunday. He said he sees a “huge potential in the food market” in China.

Aldi has so far opened 26 stores in China, all based in its largest city Shanghai.

For Rasinger, the Shanghai-centered Yangtze River Delta, with a population of 100 million, remains a priority for the retailer’s current business development plan. In Shanghai alone, Aldi sees the potential for at least 100 new stores, he said.

The company plans to expand to other parts of China as well, but is still evaluating where to locate more Aldi retail stores, Rasinger told Handelsblatt.


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Aldi has been active in China since 2017, when it started e-commerce via Tmall, one of China’s largest online shopping platforms. It opened its first physical stores in Shanghai in 2019, but has continued e-commerce via social networking platforms including WeChat.

Rasinger said he was impressed by China’s online market which offers personalized offers, digital marketing, diverse channels and quick delivery. “A first-hand experience of all these offers a glimpse into the future.”

With its stores and product range, Aldi has adapted to local demands and price expectations, Boris Planer, retail expert at World Global Style Network (WGSN), told Handelsblatt. “That’s part of the success.”

Originally Published by Xin Hua