GCX Metals (ASX:GCX) has embarked on an ambitious journey to unearth the copper wealth of its Dante project in the prolific West Musgrave region with the initiation of its first Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling campaign. The company has spotlighted approximately 7,000 meters of magmatic copper-gold sulphide targets, underpinning the potential magnitude of mineral resources at the site.

Positioned in strategic proximity to the renowned Nebo-Babel nickel-copper-PGE project—a landmark discovery by mining giant BHP—the Dante project rides on the coattails of geological prestige. The commencement of this maiden drilling program is timely, as copper prices are anticipated to soar to US$8,800 per ton this year, reaffirming the metal’s reputation as a cornerstone for various industries and green technologies.

With aspirations to delineate a significant copper deposit, GCX Metals has upscaled its drilling metrics, expanding the program from an initial 4,000 meters to approximately 7,000 meters. This expansion aims to rigorously probe the shallow and outcropping copper, gold, and Platinum Group Elements (PGE) targets that Dante harbors.

The drilling venture’s linchpins—Cronus, Crius, Hyperion, and Oceanus—constitute the high-priority targets, where the presence of outcropping reefs augments the prospects of discovery. These named targets embody the geological intrigue of Dante, prompting a detailed and systematic exploration approach.

GCX Managing Director Thomas Line has expressed a buoyant outlook for the developments at Dante, noting the exceptional scale and quality of the targets being explored. His confidence resonates with the momentum the drilling program has already showcased, as it endeavors to unfold the narrative of mineral endowment beneath the surface.


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As GCX Metals forges ahead, the intrigue surrounding the Dante project grows, with the industry and investors alike keeping a close watch on what could potentially be a transformative exploration success story. With copper’s global demand trajectory on the rise, driven by electrification and sustainable energy initiatives, Dante’s tale may just be at the cusp of its most riveting chapters.