• McGowan Government signs agreement with Gascoyne Water Cooperative to underpin horticulture expansion at Carnarvon
  • Long running Gascoyne Food Bowl initiative supporting regional growth and jobs

Irrigated agriculture expansion in the Gascoyne moved forward today with the McGowan Government taking steps to guarantee a reliable, high quality water supply to new and existing growers at Carnarvon.

The State has entered into an agreement with the Gascoyne Water Cooperative (GWC) and Gascoyne Water Asset Mutual Cooperative that will over time see four gigalitres of water per annum made available from the new Northern borefield.

The GWC will maintain and operate the 18 new production bores and 25 kilometre pipeline, powered by a 22,000 volt electricity supply – all developed under the State Government’s $25 million Gascoyne Food Bowl initiative.

The agreement supports the GWC’s expansion plans and provides confidence to growers, particularly the owners of a recent land release, to progress investments to cultivate table grapes, melons and other fruit crops.

Development approvals and site preparations for the 320 hectare land release are progressing, with initial plantings expected before the end of 2023.


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Today’s milestone signals the final leg of the transformative Gascoyne Food Bowl project to lift horticulture production in the Carnarvon irrigation area and capture domestic and export market opportunities that generate regional growth and jobs.