Changqing oilfield, China’s largest oil-and-gas field, produced over 65 million tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) of crude oil and natural gas in 2022, setting a new record for output in China’s domestic oil and gas fields, the company said.

Changqing oilfield built an oil and gas production capacity of over 10 million tonnes in 2022, and put 2,210 oil wells and 2,338 gas wells into operation throughout the year, according to PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company.

The oilfield’s oil and gas output in 2022 increased by nearly 2.57 million tonnes from 2021, the company said.

Located in northwest China’s Ordos Basin, Changqing oilfield has played an important role in safeguarding the country’s energy security. Since the 1970s, its accumulated proven oil and gas reserves account for one-third of the country’s total.

At present, Changqing oilfield has successfully developed 35 oilfields and 13 gas fields, contributing more than 890 million tonnes of oil equivalent to the country.


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Originally published by Xinhua