China has released an implementation plan designed to further improve the market-oriented green technology innovation system, in order to unleash innovation vitality.

The plan, jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, aims to strengthen companies’ leading role in innovation, improve the market mechanism for transformation and application of green technology, and create an environment where all types of innovators can thrive amid enhanced and more efficient cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes.

Guided by the plan, China will see its market-oriented green technology innovation system further improved by 2025, achieving stronger support from green technology innovation for the country’s green and low-carbon development.

A number of basic, original and disruptive green technology innovations will be realized, while the green technologies trade will be further standardized.

The plan also emphasizes optimization of methods for evaluating green technology, the strengthening of fiscal and financial support, and intellectual property protection for the development of green technology, as well as expanded international cooperation.


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Originally published by Xinhua