• Perth forum presenting climate positive possibilities for livestock
  • Livestock essential for sustainable agriculture

Leading experts and farmers have gathered in Perth to explore the possibility of Western Australia’s livestock production could become a net sequester rather than emitter of carbon.

Speaking at the Meaty Matters: Cows and Climate forum today, Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan said the science is showing us there are livestock faming systems that can reduce methane and build soil organic matter to produce carbon neutral or even carbon negative meat and dairy products.

She was joined by speakers from Resource Consulting Services, Murdoch University, University of Washington, CSIRO, The University of Western Australia and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development examining opportunities for the livestock sector amid a changing climate.

The McGowan Government is committed to helping WA’s agricultural industries adapt to climate change, already investing $4.2 million in practical science to help livestock farmers lower their carbon footprint through research focused on reducing emissions from livestock and increasing carbon sequestration.

This future-proofing investment also includes the $15 million Agriculture Climate Resilience Fund, the $15 million Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program and allowing carbon farming on the pastoral estate for the first time.


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