• Infrastructure company covering Australia and New Zealand
  • Budget surpluses and a renewed mining boom are driving employment and infrastructure spending across the region.

 Ventia Services Group Limited ASX: VNT (VNT), founded in 1956 and based in North Sydney, services Australia and New Zealand with its broad basket of infrastructure services. Having recently booked a 10% revenue growth year-over-year and affirmed a 7-10% guidance, its 5% forward dividend yield is, at present, a secure return for any potential investor.

With the mining boom driving infrastructure spending across the region, VNT is a sound stock choice for any investor looking to participate in the sector’s growth.

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  Ventia Services Group Limited ASX: VNT (VNT)

 Recently VNT hit a significant milestone, crossing the $5bn USD mark in revenue for the first time in the fiscal year 2022. This remarkable achievement is underpinned by a 22.4% rise in net profit after tax and amortisation over the previous corresponding period.

VNT’s offerings are diverse. They range from asset management and digital solutions to engineering works and facilities management. It operates in multiple sectors, such as defence, energy, health, and telecommunications, thereby diversifying its income sources. This extensive portfolio strengthens its market position and mitigates sector-specific risks, adding to its investment appeal.

Another testament to VNT’s promising outlook is its reaffirmed growth guidance of between 7% and 10%, a clear signal of the company’s confidence in meeting expectations.


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Consistent performance and a growth forecast from VNT management indicate a promising future trajectory.

For those who feel they may have missed out on the recent cyclical boom in mining and mining investment, VNT is an excellent choice of stock. The company captures a lot of the recycled capital of government surplus and public markets that will go into infrastructure development in the community and industry.

Source: Yahoo! Finance 

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