The market edged closer to historical heights on Tuesday, as the ASX 200 index inched within touching distance of a record-breaking finish. The day’s trading concluded with the index up by 41.3 points, an appreciable 0.53% increase, signaling strong investor confidence across the broad market. Investors were seemingly un-swayed by a lack of major economic reports, focusing instead on a robust performance in the property and energy sectors propelled by significant acquisition moves. With the Index performing well today, here are some ASX 200 stocks that you may want to take a look at for 2024.

Within the bustling real estate sphere, the standout was Goodman Group (ASX:GMG) which led the Real Estate Investment Trust sector with a notable climb of 3.7%. The surge in GMG’s valuation underscored the overall sector’s positive sentiment, which dovetailed with an active day for deal-making. Notably, McGrath (ASX:MEA), an established name in Australian property services, acknowledged the investor enthusiasm with its stock vaulting 24.47% following the announcement of a Scheme Implementation Deed – a definitive agreement for a prospective takeover.

The energy sector, likewise, displayed buoyancy with a hefty 1.1% uptick. Capturing investor attention in this field was MMA Offshore (ASX:MRM), a company that specializes in providing marine solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry. Mirroring McGrath’s advances, MMA Offshore unveiled its entry into a Scheme Implementation Deed. This announcement was the catalyst for an impressive 10.64% surge in its share price, positioning it as the torchbearer for gains within the sector.

Contrasting with the day’s positive momentum, the Consumer Discretionary sector marginally retreated by 0.01%. This nominal dip, however, did little to dampen the overall market optimism. Remarkably, ten out of the eleven major ASX sector indices completed the day in the green, indicating a widespread rally among Australian stocks.

The spirited ascent of the ASX 200 to nearly historic highs occurs in the absence of significant drivers from economic data within the Australian time zone. This market behavior underscores the considerable influence of corporate actions, particularly takeovers, on investor sentiment and market dynamics. The impetus provided by the maneuverings in both McGrath and MMA Offshore exemplifies the potential for corporate developments to shape market trajectories markedly.


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Investors will be closely monitoring the developments surrounding these acquisition moves, as well as potential new records for the benchmark ASX 200, which could further stimulate trading and possibly attract global attention to the thriving Australian market.