In an industry shift that signals Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) intensified focus on artificial intelligence, the tech behemoth is on the brink of acquiring Brighter AI, a privately held startup that specialises in anonymizing private data within images. This tactical move aligns with Apple’s broader strategy to embed cutting-edge AI technology into its suite of products, potentially marking a new epoch in smart device capabilities.

Insiders have revealed a vision of the near future where Brighter AI’s innovative technology could be incorporated into Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro VR/AR headsets. This meld of artificial intelligence with augmented and virtual reality is poised to redefine user experience and privacy standards in the tech industry.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently nudged public anticipation with hints of the company’s engagement in generative AI, stoking curiosity without divulging specifics. This strategic acquisition could well be a piece of that larger puzzle, placing Apple in the midst of tech giants like Nvidia, Intel, and Qualcomm, all of which are aggressively pursuing AI and expansive computational models.

Parallel to Apple’s endeavours, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), a player in the holographic AI field, is also bracing for a surge in AI adoption by diversifying its portfolio across various AI-driven domains including human-computer interactive robots, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent education systems.

By harnessing sophisticated AI vision alongside natural language processing technologies, WiMi aims to streamline virtual spaces and supercharge cross-industry applications, a testament to the potential widespread impact of AI’s growth trajectory.


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Industry pundits project a watershed moment for AI in 2024, which is already being coined as the inaugural year of the AI outbreak. The anticipated explosion of AI applications is expected to transcend current technologies, introducing new scenarios and experiences to various facets of daily life. With the explosion of AI, it is wise to keep a close eye on tech shares in 2024.

AAPL stock price responded pretty well to the news this morning (US open) as the tech juggernaut was up more than 1.3%.

As AI continues to evolve, the interweaving of artificial intelligence into tangible, everyday objects is set to unlock unimaginable convenience and possibilities, marking a monumental leap in AI’s development and adoption. Both Apple’s prospective acquirement of Brighter AI and WiMi’s ambitious expansion herald the advent of a new era where AI is not just an auxiliary tool but the very fabric of technological evolution and human experience.