This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Theodorou – CEO of Centrum Markets, a fast-growing and fully Regulated STP Forex Broker and discuss the company, what led to its success, and its plans for the future.

1. What is the reason behind Centrum Markets creation, and what is your mission?

Well, the idea for Centrum Markets goes almost six years back. My partners and I have been in the industry for a really long time. We all started as traders and over the years held several managerial and then c-level positions in many different departments. We always discussed using our experience to create a new broker. A broker that would really be on the clients’ side and will empower and support traders in a unique way. Centrum Markets was finally founded three years later after much brainstorming, but most importantly, after accumulating a wealth of experience from the markets. Therefore, we can say that Centrum Markets is the result of accumulating all of this information and converting it for our client’s benefit. That is why our company slogan is “From Traders to Traders.” We know exactly what our clients need because we experienced the markets both as traders and as the back-front managers. That is why our mission is to cement our position among the well-known brokerage firms by allowing our clients to take advantage of all our experience and knowledge.

2. What is your managerial style as the CEO of Centrum Markets?

As the CEO, I like to be involved in as much as I can- I am the type of person who needs to know everything about the company, its personnel and partner’s performance. Speaking of personnel, I am also someone who highly values their team; that is why I was very involved in the selection of my team. And I wish to take the opportunity now to say a massive thank you to every one of my team members who without we wouldn’t be able to have the success we’ve had so far. I genuinely believe that a company is not only about the CEO or managers. Personnel is the mirror of any company, and I’m lucky to have such a fantastic team to work with.


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3. What has allowed the firm to grow so rapidly, and what is the secret to your success?

Among the multiple reasons that contributed to our rapid success, I would have to say that the biggest one is our experience which gives us a deep understanding of precisely what the client needs. I would also add that transparency when interacting with our clients is a close second. For example, I make an effort to speak with our clients as often as possible personally. Clients need to know with whom they are dealing with. Other than that, I would argue that we have the best market conditions as well as an advanced trading platform and flexible trading conditions that accommodate every type of client globally. Credibility is especially vital to the success of a brokerage firm, so our instant withdrawal service is something that has helped us a lot in that department.

Let me finish by saying that as a pure STP forex broker our interests are 100% aligned with those of our clients and so for us, it makes more sense to support and help our clients reach their goals.

4. Are there specific markets or products that you would like to focus on more, that you could give an example about?

Instead of focusing on one product, our aim at Centrum Markets is to offer holistic services so that we can participate in all markets as well as accommodate a range of global clients. Two tools or processes we use to achieve our goal is to offer customer support in multiple languages as well as putting active effort into keeping updated on and implementing the latest technology. The Forex Market is one of intense competition and high demand, so we must ensure that we do everything in our power to remain competitive and up to date. For us, this means not focussing on one product but instead offering multiple services, the necessary trading tools, market updates and quality customer support.

5. Tell us a bit about the Centrum Markets Partnership programme.

My favourite topic. I can discuss about our partnership programme for days. For us, the most crucial element of a partnership programme is its trustworthiness. Without this, no matter what terms you are offering no affiliates or introducing brokers will want to work with you. That is why we always aim high when it comes to partnerships. Not only do we take the time to personally visit our most valued partners, we will put in the time and effort needed to solidify those relationships. Our goal is to support our partners with everything they need and whenever they need it.

Having said that I want to let you know that we are soon launching a new partners portal, one which the forex partnerships market has not seen before. Competitive rewards and an amazing loyalty program are only two of the many new features we will be introducing.

6. What can you tell us about the future? Anything exciting coming from Centrum Markets?

Thinking about the future gets me excited. Step by step, we are getting bigger and better. We already feel confident navigating the markets and have proven our capabilities when it comes to adjusting extremely fast to market changes and preparing for the future.

The next step for Centrum Markets is new licences and regulations in several juristictions, new partnerships, upgrading our tools, and our Centrum Markets Academy which is coming soon. We have all been working extremely hard in the last years building for the future, so our entire team is excited to see the fruits of our labour bloom.