Global warming and the environment are line-ball with the economy as major issues for voters at the next federal election, new polling shows.

Greenpeace commissioned the poll of more than 2000 voters, which also confirmed Labor is ahead 53 per cent to 47 on a two-party preferred basis, matching the past three Newspolls.

Voters were asked which issue was most important to them at the next election, with ‘global warming and the environment’ topping the list at 23.8 per cent, just ahead of the economy on 23 per cent.

Health and hospitals ranked third on 17.7 per cent, while immigration was fourth on 11.5 per cent.

Voters were also told that emissions had risen for the past seven years, and they were asked if the coalition’s Emissions Reduction Fund was doing enough to cut emissions.


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A majority – 61.6 per cent – said no.

More than half also said they would be less likely to vote for a party that uses taxpayer money to subsidise coal projects.

The poll of 2134 residents across Australia was taken by uComms on February 27.