More than 22,000 investors and traders went into the draw to win the CompareShares gold giveaway – signing up to the CompareShares newsletter, the FatCat newsletter, or to the new social networking site MoneyConfessions.

While investors can gain gold exposure via listed funds (one is aptly named GOLD and lists on the Australian Stock Exchange); or purchasing shares in mining stocks such as Newcrest Mining, CompareShares purchased physical gold via the Australian Bullion Company from the Perth Mint. But why buy gold? It’s worth remembering that in times of rising inflation and turbulent markets, gold is widely regarded as a safe-haven investment. Over the past three years, the price of gold in USD has risen from USD400 to a high of USD1002 a couple of months back. Indeed, some canny investors have made a dear packet on the yellow metal.

But enough about the merits of investing in gold; let’s hear about our winners. So who are the winners of the $10,000 gold giveaway?

First prize of $5,000 worth of gold bullion is awarded to Nilesh Patel, a paraplanner at Godrey Pembroke. “It’s the first time I’ve won anything,” says Patel, a subscriber to the CompareShares newsletter.

So what will Patel do with his bundle of gold? “I think I’ll hold onto it for a while and wait to see how gold tracks,” he says.


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Patel initially subscribed to CompareShares for the trading news, he says. “It keeps me up-to-date with latest news and trends,” he says. “I like Anthony Black’s broker recommendations,” which he says gives him an insight into how brokers and analysts view particular stocks.

Nine runners-up to the CompareShares gold giveaway each received $500 worth of gold from the Australian Bullion Company.

Colleen Curran, a subscriber to money site FatCat, is one of the 10 winners. “You have no idea how exciting this is,” she exclaimed when handed the good news.

Curran, a single mum of six children and 8 grandchildren, says that there has never been much spare cash for luxuries in her life. “I find it very exciting to think I can actually be the owner of my own little bit of gold bullion. My children said ‘take the money and buy myself something special’ but I cannot think of anything that would be more special,” says Curran.

A subscriber to FatCat, Curren says: “I like FatCat as it is friendly yet informative for people like myself who have not had much money to invest. Like myself many are now looking to share information and ideas to help others become a little bit money savvy.”

Jason Thomas from Western Australia also won $500 worth of gold bullion. Thomas also intends to keep it. “The value of gold is only going to go up, so I can’t lose by holding onto it,” he says. “Besides, I reckon it’ll be a good luck charm. It’s the first time I’ve actually won something.”

Thomas is a subscriber to the CompareShares newsletter. Asked about his impressions of CompareShares, Thomas says: “CompareShares has some great articles, with unbiased views from several reputable sources. I check it couple of times a day. And best of all it’s free. I’ve recommended it to quite a few of my mates. They love it too.”

The only winner so far who’ll probably look to cash in the gold is Rosemary Bartle from Western Australia. Bartle subscribes to CompareShares as well. “I look forward to CompareShares arriving in my Inbox,” she says. “CompareShares is always up-to-date, and has a great variety of articles which are relevant and educational. The articles cover topics in good depth, and appeal to more experienced investors,” says Bartle.

Stanley Collins from Winton, Queensland was also a proud winner of the $500 gold prize.

CompareShares would like to thank all of its subscribers for recommending CompareShares, FatCat or MoneyConfessions to friends, family and colleagues in order to go into the draw.

Five runners-up are yet to claim their prizes – make sure you check your emails from last week to see if it’s you… * As we are yet to hear back from the five remaining runners-up in the competition, we will keep you posted.