Score: Very good

  • Easy to use platform from the market leader
  • Big range of forex pairs and CFDs
  • Customer support can be accessed 24/5

Ruben Wunderlich

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Ruben Wunderlich
Score: Very good
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About Trendsmacro

Formed in 2020, TRENDSMACRO is a Forex and CFD broker. It is, therefore, one of the newest brokers on the market. Despite its relatively short lifespan, the individuals that run the business have a great deal of experience. Several of the broker’s management team have been working within the trading industry for a number of years, and they put their expertise to good use with TRENDSMACRO. Operated by the Ascana Group, the business has its headquarters in the Republic of Marshall Islands. That is where the company is registered and as such, it has local regulation.

Products and Trade Offers

TRENDSMACRO offers a choice of four accounts so you can choose which best suits your needs.  Traders who make the minimum deposit of $250 will have access to the bronze account. As their portfolio’s value increases, the account will move up the ranks to silver, gold, and finally platinum. It requires a total portfolio value of more than $50,000 to access the platinum account. The benefits of having a platinum account are pretty impressive, so for traders who trade in high volumes, it can be highly worthwhile reaching that level. One of the most significant benefits of the platinum account is that the spreads are a lot tighter.

While the spreads that are offered with the entry-level accounts aren’t exceptionally high, when compared to the platinum account, which is tailored more towards professional traders, there is a significant gap. The spreads for the platinum account are less than a tenth of the spreads for the bronze. That illustrates why it is worth building up your portfolio to get access to the higher-level accounts. The spreads for a bronze account start at 2.8 pips; for a silver account, 2.5 pips, for a gold account, they are 1.5 pips, and for the platinum, they are 0.1 pips. As you can see, the difference in how tight the spreads are is striking between the bronze and platinum accounts.

It’s not just the spreads that are different, though. The amount that traders can take for leverage increases between the accounts, too. It starts at 1:100 for the bronze account and increases by 100 for each subsequent level. So, the platinum account offers leverage of 1:400. That means traders who want access to higher leverage levels need to get to the higher account levels.

Each account allows access to the MetaTrader 4 platform to unlimited open positions and allows scalping to be carried out. There are also no commissions on any trades with TRENDSMACRO.

 In terms of instruments, TRENDSMACRO is very well stocked. Starting with forex pairs, traders have access to 50 Forex pairs. Such a number of options mean many different trades can be carried out. There are also more than 45 different CFDs offered. Traders can trade metals, futures, indices, energies and shares with TRENDSMACRO. It means that overall, the choice that’s offered is one of the best on the market. If you want plenty of options, TRENDSMACRO certainly provides them.

A negative point is that TRENDSMACRO hasn’t managed to get with the times and offer crypto trading options. With crypto being a driver of many new traders, that this isn’t an option is a little bit of a let-down. Of course, TRENDSMACRO is still a relatively new broker to the market, so there is still a chance that crypto could be an option going forwards. We’re unable to take that into account, though, as at the time of this TRENDSMACRO broker review, it wasn’t available.

  • Commissions are not applied to trades
  • During the heaviest trading period, Monday to Friday, support is offered 24 hours a day
  • More than 45 CFDs can be traded
  • 50 different Forex pairs can be traded
  • Crypto trading isn't available
  • No Islamic account offered

Commissions and Fee Charges

There are no commissions on any trades with TRENDSMACRO. That is a big positive for traders as commissions can seriously eat into larger trades. The costs come into play through the spreads that are applied. What is also good to see is that there are no fees on any payment methods. So, you won’t incur any extra charges for making a deposit or withdrawal. If you leave your account for a time, you won’t be charged a dormancy fee either.

TRENDSMACRO has relatively low spreads applied. Even the accounts that have larger spreads are still competitive on the market. As mentioned, the standard bronze account has opening spreads of 2.8 pips. These are generally around what you would expect for a beginner account. While they are not particularly low, they’re also not high either. The silver level has spreads of 2.5 pips. It isn’t a big drop, but it’s a slightly tighter spread and will make your trading a little more profitable. The gold account takes the spreads down to 1.5 pips. That is a much more significant drop and will really start to show some benefits. Finally, if you manage to get up to the platinum account with a $50,000 or more portfolio value, then the spreads get very good. 0.1 pips are offered with platinum accounts, which is a very competitive fee.

What Others Say

There is currently little information on the market about TRENDSMACRO. It means that other TRENDSMACRO broker reviews are not available at present. However, at Trustpilot, there are reviews from users that say the following:

“Oh and the spreads this broker offers, I mean, WOW, those are simply fantastic. Just get in cooperation with them and you’re going to feel it immediately! Where else would you find such terms?” (Source: Trustpilot)

“To cover my experience of cooperation with this broker – quite great, all in all. They don’t exactly shower you with golden coins, but everything that needs to be working is actually working, so I’m satisfied. If you go smart about your trading, you should have no problems with getting successful with them.” (Source: Trustpilot)

Customer Service

TRENDSMACRO has good customer service in place, but there is some room for improvement. Firstly, it’s available 24/5, so over the weekend, traders cannot get the support they might need. Trading might be quieter during this period, but some trades still take place. The support allows emails ([email protected]), postal support and phone support (+441887593306) to be used. Quite a good selection, but it would be nice to see live chat offered.

Platform Features and Tools

When creating this TRENDSMACRO broker review, one of the first things that we looked for was which platform was available for users. While it’s often impressive to see a bespoke platform in operation, most traders use MetaTrader 4 for trading. So, it was undoubtedly a plus point when we saw this was offered to users here. MT4 has many obvious benefits, with ease of use and range of features a big part of that, so giving traders the ability to use this platform is a positive feature.

One of the main reasons traders love to use MT4 is that it has plenty of customisation options. The main one relates to the layout. Traders can put together their own layout when using MT4. It means that the screens you feel the most need for can be put in the places that make it easy for you.

The analytical tools that are offered are also very impressive. Traders can access real-time charts that make it easy to see what is happening to the markets. This is an obvious benefit to traders as any potential changes can be spotted early and from there the relevant trades can be made. The one-tap trade option also means that it doesn’t take long for a trade to be carried out with MT4. This genuinely provides the ability to react almost instantly to the market.

MT4 also has more than just standard trading features, though. It also takes things to the next level for traders. While TRENDSMACRO doesn’t have its own social trading feature, this is accessible through the MT4 platform. Not only are traders able to copy trade from other successful traders, but for anyone proficient with coding, it’s possible to craft trading robots and conditional copy trading scripts.

MT4 can be used as both a downloadable platform and a web platform. There are benefits to using both versions. The downloaded version of the software tends to be a little smoother to use and is more user friendly. However, the web version does execute trades faster than the download version. That increased speed could be lost if you’re unable to navigate the software as effectively, though, so it’s up to you to decide which version is best for you.

MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded on both PC and Mac. That is a massive positive because Macs are gaining in popularity. While PC is still the most used system, it makes sense to offer the software to as many users as possible.

Mobile Trading

In the modern world, it’s important to be able to trade on the go. TRENDSMACRO makes sure that it is not only possible but is easy for mobile traders. It offers you the ability to use its platform through the web browser built into most mobile devices. This is a serviceable method of using the MT4 platform, but it isn’t fully optimised for mobile, so it suffers from some responsiveness issues. It’s not the end of the world though, there is another option available, which is optimised to a higher level and offers improved performance.

For traders who use iOS or Android devices, there is an app available. It can be used on both mobile phones and tablets, so whichever device you use, there’s an option for you. Both of the apps are exceptionally well designed and provide traders with the ability to react to market changes with lightning-fast accuracy. There is also access to the majority of the features of the desktop version. They include analytical charts. If you like trading on the go, then it’s straightforward to do it effectively at this broker.

Robo Trading

Robo trading is possible when trading here. Although it isn’t offered by TRENDSMACRO directly, it can be achieved using MetaTrader 4. That ability is one of the examples of how versatile and useful the platform is. Several built-in trading robots can be accessed with MT4. They offer some basic features and are certainly serviceable for beginner traders. However, if you have the time, ability and inclination, you can also code your robots.

Therefore, you can create your own fully automated trading robot that works to the parameters that you have created. While no trading robot or technique guarantees success, the ability to make your own is a big plus. It means that those with analytical minds can look hard at the charts on offer and work on a robot that will carry out the complex calculations quickly and give traders more time to concentrate on other things.

Research and Learning Section

This is something the broker doesn’t do well. As a new broker, it is essential to impress users from the start. A big part of that is helping beginner traders to understand how things work. TRENDSMACRO hasn’t done this in any way. There is no FAQ, no lessons, no videos and no blog posts. It’s a definite downside to a site that, on the whole, does things very well. Professional and experienced traders won’t be too worried about this, but the lack of educational materials could put off beginner traders.

Of course, this is something that can be improved over time. The site is very young and was only set up in 2020. It does offer a good chance for more educational features to appear in the future. There is nothing to suggest that the site is finished yet, but at the same time, there is nothing to indicate that TRENDSMACRO will add educational material in the future. It needs to be addressed to offer beginner traders a better entrance into the trading world.

Regulatory Details

Regulatory information at TRENDSMACRO is not easy to ascertain. There’s no detailed information on the site about the regulatory licence. However, it does offer some safety precautions for traders, which does suggest some form of regulation. The company that owns and operates the site also has a company registration number available. TRENDSMACRO likely has local regulation in place, but please note this can’t be confirmed at the moment.


Our summary

Score: Very good

TRENDSMACRO is one of the most impressive newcomers on the market at the moment. Traders instantly have access to a massive selection of different trading instruments and forex pairs when signing up. As the different account types generally offer the same features, there are no limits on what traders can do when setting up an account. The larger your portfolio grows, the better the spreads and leverages that are offered by your account. That does provide an incentive for traders to keep growing their portfolio and improve their trading.

The ability to use MT4 as the trading platform is also a massive bonus. It’s the market leader of trading platforms due to the wide range of features and ease of use. The ability to carry out trade orders very quickly is also something that helps to set MT4 apart from other platforms. It being available across several different methods of use is also highly convenient. No matter what you want to use MT4 on, it’s likely that you will be able to do so without any troubles at all.

The lack of commissions on trades is also beneficial. Spreads are tight, even on the bronze account, so costs are generally relatively low with TRENDSMACRO. It makes it much easier for traders to work out potential profit margins when executing trades. As traders work their way up to the top-level account, the spreads become much lower, too, which makes it worthwhile to aim for. The only real negatives come from the lack of crypto trading and no educational materials. It does put TRENDSMACRO slightly behind some other brokers on the market.

Overall, this is an up-and-coming broker. Whether you are a beginner trader or an expert, you will be able to find some value at this site. Sign up is simple and you can easily get verified. If you’re looking for somewhere to trade, you can undoubtedly get a lot of value from dealing with TRENDSMACRO.