SYDNEY, AAP – Insurance group Suncorp is calling for action by state governments after receiving thousands of flood damage claims, particularly from NSW.

Around 75 per cent of the 7600 claims presented by the end of March were from NSW, with Queensland making up 20 per cent and the rest from Victoria and the ACT.

The hardest high areas were the NSW Mid-North Coast and Western Sydney regions, where rivers broke their banks forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of resident.

“Floods too frequently devastate communities across Australia,” Suncorp CEO Steven Johnson said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Too many” homes in Richmond, Windsor, Penrith, Port Macquarie and Taree in NSW were in medium to high flood risk areas.

“We need to address how we can protect homes in flood-prone regions through government investment in mitigation infrastructure,” he said.

“We must also improve planning decisions to ensure we are not building new homes in high-risk areas.”

Suncorp expects to pay out between $230-250 million in claims for this year’s flood events across the states, but most of the payments will go to NSW.