DeltaMarket Broker Review

About DeltaMarket

Score: Fair

  • Platinum account type provides trading from 0.0 pips
  • Low minimum deposit amount on basic account type
  • Trade over 50 forex pairs (major and minor), in addition to over 300 CFDs across stocks, indices, shares and commodities

About About DeltaMarket

According to the description on its website DeltaMarket is a broker aimed at servicing the needs of traders in the era of globalisation. This means that DeltaMarket is focused on hunting for opportunities for investors in any way that it can, no matter where in the world they arise. For this reason, DeltaMarket is an online broker that focuses on giving the best possible market access to users of the platform, wherever their location.

First opening its doors in 2019, DeltaMarket has not let inexperience get in the way of putting together a solid trading experience. Established in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, DeltaMarket has quickly built up a global customer base and currently offers trading services to clients across the world – though it does have a particular focus on the European (excluding France and Belgium) and UK markets. It is currently owned and operated as part of BI-Global World Group.

In terms of the trading experience offered by DeltaMarket, the focus is on CFD trading on stocks, indices, commodities and forex. While not having the most extensive selection of CFDs out there, the spread on offer should be more than enough for most beginner and intermediate traders to build up a portfolio.

DeltaMarket also has close industry ties, both through the professional staff it has on hand – some of whom have over 20 years trading experience – and through the partnerships it has built up with leading financial institutions in the regions it currently operates in.

However, while this mission statement might sound as though DeltaMarket is out to make a big impact on the online trading and investment world, how does it actually stack up against the competition? With this in mind, if you want the full rundown of the trading experience it offers, keep reading the following DeltaMarket broker review.

Products and Trade Offers

In terms of what you can actually trade on the DeltaMarket platform, as you can tell from the introduction to the DeltaMarket review above, the formula that the broker sticks to is very much a familiar one within the industry. DeltaMarket offers a very industry-standard selection of CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities and forex, which does not appear to stray too far from what we would expect of a broker of DeltaMarket’s size.

DeltaMarket’s forex CFDs cover a range of major and minor currency pairs. Users can trade a total of over 50 forex CFDs on the platform. Major currency pairs include the likes of EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD. There is not much support for exotic currency pairs at the moment, so traders looking to build up their portfolio in these markets might be better served elsewhere.

DeltaMarket also provides access to CFDs on a selection of high-performing stocks from the US, the UK, Asia, Australia and Europe. Commodities are also on offer, though DeltaMarket does put most of its focus on gold CFDs without many options for other commodities such as silver, platinum or industrial metals. The remainder of the CFD markets supported by DeltaMarket includes energies, futures and individual shares. In total, DeltaMarket provides users with access to over 50 currency pairs and 300 stock CFDs.

  • Good range of CFDs for beginner and intermediate traders
  • Decent support for major and minor currency pair CFDs
  • Partnerships with financial institutions allow for solid liquidity
  • No support for exotic currency pairs
  • Relatively small selection of commodities

Commissions and Fee Charges

In terms of what commissions and charges you might have to pay on any trades you make through the DeltaMarket trading platform, this will depend on what account type you have with the broker.

Currently, DeltaMarket has four account types on offer: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Bronze account type is aimed primarily at the casual or beginner trader, and provides trading with only a $250 deposit. In contrast, the Platinum account type requires a $50,000 minimum investment.

While all four account types offer no-commission trading, the spreads you are offered on trades will vary across each account type. The Bronze account offers spreads from 2.8 pips, while there are 2.5 pips for the Silver account, 1.5 pips for the Gold account, and 0.1 pips for the Platinum account. As you can see, there is quite a difference between each of the account types, with the Gold account offering good-value investment opportunities. Furthermore, DeltaMarket’s bonuses are applied on demand, based on the account type.

In terms of how these rates compare with the industry averages, DeltaMarket is in and around the benchmark that we would expect from a broker of its size and experience level. While not the most competitive out there, we would not necessarily say that the spreads are high. Leverage trading is possible across all account types, with leverage offered up to 1:300.

It does not appear that DeltaMarket charges fees on deposits to or withdrawals from the trading platform, which is also great to see. Generally speaking, DeltaMarket is a low-fees broker, with very few additional fees, commissions or charges added onto transactions.

What Others Say

“It’s not difficult to see why many traders have found themselves drawn to DeltaMarket. As soon as you enter the website, you can notice that the company pays astounding attention to detail.” –

“For a brokerage that’s opened during an exceptionally turbulent year, it handled the situation like a pro. Because of that, even as a new brokerage, it seems like it’s prepared to play with the big boys.” –

“The broker offers CFDs on numerous currency pairs, shares, commodities, and indices. The brokerage is a part of the BI-Global World Group, which already runs a few firms. A look at those firms reveals that the parent company is one of the most trustworthy entities in the online brokerage world.” – AtoZ Markets

Customer Service

As a global broker, DeltaMarket has built up a customer service team that is able to meet the needs of a global customer base. As such, its customer support is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. This means that the firm can provide customer support as and when it is needed, without being limited by the time zone. Currently, customer support is provided primarily in English, though there is limited support for Russian speakers. There is also a call-back feature on the website, which means that you can submit your phone number and request that a customer support agent gets in touch with you when they become available.

Customer support queries can be submitted via the email: [email protected]

Members of the customer support team can be contacted on: +441507243012

Although there aren’t too many reviews online yet – DeltaMarket is a relatively new broker – reviews of the customer service seem mixed. While some users praised the high level of support provided, others commented that the wait times for email responses could take up to a few hours at peak times

Platform Features and Tools

Trading on the DeltaMarket trading platform is delivered through the MetaTrader 4 platform. MetaTrader 4 – also known as MT4 – is one of the most well-known and well-loved trading platforms in the trading and investment world. It is prized by online traders for its customisability, its stability, and its ease of use. As such, it is easy to see why DeltaMarket has chosen to use such a well-established trading platform. In terms of the features and tools that the MT4 platform supports, it is a fairly robust and customisable platform, with a range of technical analysis and charting tools that come as standard.

Some of the features that the MT4 platform supports include: multiple order types, technical indicators and graphical objects, hedging, Expert Advisor support, black-box trading, one-click trading, and a multilingual interface.

Another interesting feature of the DeltaMarket platform is the ‘broker programme’ it has in place. Essentially, the broker programme is an affiliate programme that allows you to earn rewards for each new user you encourage to sign up and create an account with DeltaMarket. Both individual traders and organisations can sign up to be members of this programme. Although there are not too many details publicly available on the DeltaMarket website, it does look like a promising opportunity for those of you who are looking to diversify your income streams.

Mobile Trading

Mobile trading on the DeltaMarket platform is delivered through the built-in mobile trading features of the MT4 trading platform. MT4 provides a number of options for trading on the go. This includes both a dedicated mobile app, which comes in Android and iOS versions, and a robust web-trader, which automatically scales to mobile devices. Using the web-based trading platform means that you can access your DeltaMarket trading account on the go, without the need to download a separate app. Although the MT4 mobile app does not perfectly recreate the full trading experience offered on the desktop version, it nevertheless provides you with a decent mobile version that allows you to place, edit or cancel trades of all kind on the go.

Robo Trading

Although it doesn’t offer full-featured robo trading options like some other larger platforms out there, DeltaMarket does make robo trading possible through the MT4 trading platform. This includes scalping. The MT4 platform also provides support for a number of other automatic trading features. DeltaMarket does not directly provide social and copy trading features, though similar tools can be set up through the MT4 platform. This is something that we would like to see improved on the DeltaMarket platform in the future.

Research and Learning Section

As has become commonplace on trading platforms these days, DeltaMarket provides some educational and learning resources to users of the platform. When it comes to the range of resources on offer, however, DeltaMarket underperforms when compared to its peers.

Currently, DeltaMarket provides some basic trading resources with some of the types of materials you might be familiar with from other platforms. Perhaps the most useful resource is the forex glossary that it has put together, which is essentially a comprehensive list of trading and investing terms. This is a great resource, particularly for new users, as it allows you to quickly look up a definition of any trading jargon you might come across. One of the biggest barriers to entry for new traders looking to get started is the sheer amount of jargon. Based on our own review of the glossary, all of the terms were fully up to date and explain everything in plain, easy-to-understand language.

Unfortunately, however, DeltaMarket does not offer too many educational and learning resources beyond those already mentioned. As such, if you are a complete beginner to online CFD trading and will need more resources to help you learn to trade, there might be better platforms out there. For intermediate traders who don’t need as many learning resources, this might not be too much of an issue.

Regulatory Details

When you are selecting an online brokerage to trade with, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have chosen a broker with a proper licence issued by an appropriately qualified financial services regulator. This ensures not only that the broker you are interested in trading with will deal with your funds in an appropriate manner, but also that your trading funds will be protected should anything happen to the broker itself. For this reason, you should always do your research when it comes to checking a particular broker’s regulatory status.

DeltaMarket is currently established and registered as a financial services provider in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. It is owned and operated under the BI-Global World Ltd brand, which is similarly registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. This means that customers will be subject to the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands if any issues arise. DeltaMarket’s licence to offer financial services to clients is provided by the RMI Banking Commission. It is not clear from DeltaMarket’s website whether it has authorisation from any other financial regulator.

When it comes to making this regulatory information available, DeltaMarket keeps everything above board. All of the relevant regulatory information is readily available from the homepage of the DeltaMarket website should you need it to make an informed decision about whether to trade with it or not. DeltaMarket also has a comprehensive ‘Know Your Customer’ policy and process in place, which every user who registers a new account will have to go through.


Our summary

Score: Fair

As we come to the end of our DeltaMarket broker review, it is time to give our final verdict on how this broker stacks up against the competition.

On the more positive side of things, despite being open less than a year, DeltaMarket has managed to put together a really solid platform. For new and intermediate traders, there is a lot that DeltaMarket has to offer.

This includes some very competitive trading conditions delivered through four account types. DeltaMarket is also very transparent and upfront about its fee and pricing structure, which means that you should rarely, if ever, find yourself faced with hidden charges. Additionally, DeltaMarket offers a good selection of CFDs and currency pairs to trade, with enough variety to allow you to fully diversify your trading portfolio across a number of different markets.

On the less positive side, there are still some improvements that DeltaMarket could make going forward. It would be good to see DeltaMarket expand its educational and learning resources, particularly as this platform will likely attract a beginner and intermediate trader crowd. Similarly, it would be good to see the deposit limits lowered on the Gold and Platinum account types to give less-high-value traders access to the more competitive spreads.

Having said all that, DeltaMarket has managed to put together a platform that, while far from perfect, offers just enough benefits to justify giving it a try. For this reason, we would recommend this broker. You never know, it might be just the platform you have been searching for!