Bull market

The term “bull market” is most often used to refer to the stock market, but is in fact applied to anything that is traded, including currencies, commodities and bonds.

Bear Market

Bear markets can be brief spells of falling prices, lasting as little as two months, or can span out over a decade or longer. Although the exact definition of a bear market is difficult to pat down, a bear market is often pronounced when prices decline by 20 per cent or more over two months…


The term “dividend” refers to the amount paid out of a company’s profits to its shareholders. In Australia it is common practice to pay both an interim and a final dividend. Earnings not distributed in the form of dividends are retained in the business and help it to grow. They still belong to the shareholders…


When you buy shares online, you state what you want to pay for the shares, and this price is the bid. You place this bid into the system and it will enter the queue with the other bids and offers.