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Mary Blake
Mary Blake

Mary is a Chicago native and only relocated to Australia a few years ago, having finally been convinced by her husband to make the move from the US by way of a continuing bribe of Insider Membership at the Sydney Opera House, which she receives every year on their wedding anniversary. Mary is a private equity specialist and is an expert at sourcing capital, with a particular focus on business growth and expansion. She has also given talks on managed buyouts and written detailed guides on corporate restructuring. In her own words, Mary has a fascination for all things financial and has turned her writing talents to a broad range of subjects. She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago and has worked hard to make the expertise she gained from the research she conducted accessible to people of all levels of financial understanding. Mary is a lover of shows and festivals and most fondly remembers securing tickets for and then seeing Bob Dylan at the Sydney Opera House in 2014. She is also a lover of art and can often be found wandering the halls of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where she hopes to become a community ambassador in the future.

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