Australia Post is searching for a new chief executive after Christine Holgate resigned over a Cartier watch scandal.

Ms Holgate quit after drawing widespread criticism for spending almost $20,000 on luxury watches for senior executives at the government-owned enterprise.

Labor communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland has called for a clean-up of the Australia Post board.

“This did not pass muster for any responsible spending,” she told the ABC on Tuesday.

Ms Rowland questioned whether the Australia Post board was capable of proper executive oversight.

“To date, the evidence is that it is not, it is a swamp of Liberal Party mates and hacks,” she said.

Labor has summoned Australia Post board members to a Senate committee hearing next week.

The organisation is also under investigation by two federal departments over its gift and expenses culture.

Ms Holgate has said she is not seeking any financial compensation and has no hard feelings towards the government.