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Royals celebrate Xmas with church, lunch

The Queen has woven personal reflections into her annual Christmas message, offering the customary wishes for peace and saying she hoped she had attained a measure of wisdom during her 92 years.

Queen ‘well occupied’ by family in 2018

The Queen has joked about how busy her duties as a grandmother have kept her and has also warned about the darker side of religious faith during a wide-ranging Christmas Day message.

Pope offers Christmas wish for fraternity

Pope Francis has offered his Christmas wish for fraternity among people of different faiths, races or ideas.

Trump lauds treasury secretary, hits Fed

US President Donald Trump has expressed confidence in Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin amid a US stock market slump, but has again criticised interest rate rises.

Security forces disperse Sudan protesters

At least three Sudanese protesters have been wounded by gunshots after security forces dispersed rallies in the capital following a week of demonstrations against President Omar al-Bashir.

German horse carriage collision injures 20

Twenty people have been injured, two seriously, in a collision of two horse-drawn carriages during a Christmas Day outing in Germany.