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An unemployed young electrician says casual work arrangements make it difficult to stand up for his rights.

Lachlan has been looking for work for two months, but fears he has been branded a trouble-maker because he’s raised concerns in the past.

‘You get paid less, you don’t get sick leave, you don’t get annual leave and you don’t get the opportunity to raise concerns,’ he said at the ACTU launch of their new advertising campaign in Melbourne on Sunday.

‘And if you do, you get branded as a trouble maker and get let go.’

Security guard Trevor says workers in his sector have, on average, received a one per cent pay rise over the past five years.

‘We just can’t make our bills,’ he said on Sunday. ‘We are struggling… Electricity has gone up 30 per cent, fuel is going through the roof – we need to change the rules.’

Both men called on fellow workers to take part in a series of Australian Council of Trade Unions rallies that will be held across the country calling for change – an a focus on sector wide bargaining.

The Melbourne rally will be held on October 23 at Trades Hall.