Victoria’s tenants union fears promised rental reforms may come to nothing as the government remains tight-lipped on timing ahead of the November state election.

The reforms announced in October include the creation of a blacklist for dodgy landlords and real estate agents and a presumption in favour of pets in rental properties.

The Labor government maintains it will bring changes to the Residential Tenancies Act to parliament some time in 2018 but won’t say when.

But this has left Tenants Victoria concerned additional renter rights “may be lost forever” if the government loses the November election.

“It’s been six months since the announcement and the state government has remained tight-lipped,” spokeswoman Devon LaSalle told AAP on Friday.

“Our biggest fear is these reforms may be lost forever if they’re not acted upon before the state election.”

“All sides of the debate have the same concern. No one has seen the detail of the reforms.”

The changes were promised in the lead-up to the November Northcote by-election, which the government lost to the Greens.

They would stop landlords from being able to evict tenants for no specific reason and limit rent increases to once a year.

Also under the plans, long-term leases would be introduced and it would be easier for tenants to make minor changes to properties, such as installing hooks to hang pictures.

A government spokesman told AAP the changes were always scheduled to be introduced into parliament in 2018 but could not provide more details on timing.