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The US House of Representatives must vote again Wednesday on a tax plan it just passed because minor elements of the bill failed to comply with Senate rules, Republican leadership said.
After the House on Tuesday approved the nation’s most sweeping tax code overhaul in three decades, it was headed to the Senate for a Tuesday night vote.
But Senate Democrats will demand that three provisions in the bill, including one allowing the use of savings accounts for home-schooling expenses, be stripped out because they violate the so-called Byrd Rule on forbidding extraneous elements from being included in certain budget bills.
‘In the mad dash to provide tax breaks for their billionaire campaign contributors, our Republican colleagues forgot to comply with the rules of the Senate,’ senators Bernie Sanders and Ron Wyden said in a joint statement.
Because legislation must be identically worded when it passes both chambers of Congress if it is to become law, the House will need to consider it again after the Senate votes.
The vote is expected early Wednesday before the bill can advance to President Donald Trump’s desk, according to the office of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 
The rules hiccup would delay by a day the most significant legislative victory of Trump’s first year in office.