SYDNEY, AAP – The NSW government will dole out $100 vouchers for Sydney CBD pubs and eateries in a bid to get more people into the city on Fridays.

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the $50 million scheme, to be included in next week’s budget, will enable 500,000 people to apply for the vouchers.

The vouchers can only be used for Friday lunches in the Sydney CBD area.

The treasurer said he hoped the scheme would coax city workers back into the office on Fridays, when they may otherwise work from home.

The vouchers will be available via the Service NSW app as a QR code, like the Dine and Discover vouchers set to expire in late July.

“It’s Friyay in Sydney,” Mr Perrottet said on Friday.

The Australian Hotels Association welcomed the announcement, saying it would help struggling Sydney CBD hotels and pubs.

“Sydney’s hotels have been struggling ever since the pandemic hit and are still only at 50 per cent capacity,” AHA chief executive John Whelan said.

The Committee for Sydney also lauded the plan.

“I can’t think of a better Australian tradition to revive right now than the long lunch … in these tough economic times, it’s practically a civic duty,” committee chief executive Gabriel Metcalf said in a statement.

Lobby group Business Sydney added the scheme was “a great targeted stimulus” given the pandemic-induced lack of CBD patronage on Fridays.

A timeframe on the CBD voucher rollout is yet to be revealed.