LONDON, RAW – Britain’s health minister will make a further announcement about the government’s plans to bring in hotel quarantine for some travellers on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says.

Last month Johnson said those arriving in the UK from high-risk countries would have to quarantine for 10 days in government-provided accommodation to stop the spread of new variants of the virus but the measure has not yet been introduced.

“If you do come here from one of those countries, then you will be, as we’ve said, taken and put in special accommodation,” Johnson told a media conference.

“The health secretary will be making a further announcement about that tomorrow.”

Johnson said on Wednesday the levels of COVID-19 infections remained “alarmingly high” in the country, adding he hoped the vaccination program would still allow the government to open schools from March 8.

Although “there are some signs of hope, the numbers of COVID patients in hospital are beginning to fall for the first time since the onset of this new wave, the level of infection is still alarmingly high,” Johnson said.