Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is confident people will soon start spending fast-tracked income tax cuts.

Mr Frydenberg said economic uncertainty and coronavirus restrictions have been preventing people from opening their wallets.

“Once those restrictions are eased, more money will be spent across the economy as a result of these tax cuts,” he told the Seven Network on Monday.

Mr Frydenberg continues to reject suggestions last week’s federal budget did not do enough for women.

Many of the industries hardest hit by the coronavirus economic crisis have high numbers of female workers.

But the government has focused its recovery efforts on male-dominated industries including construction and manufacturing.

“Every measure in this budget is designed to create more jobs for women and for men,” Mr Frydenberg said.

The treasurer has poured cold water on calls to provide more money for child care to help more women back into the workforce.

He has also firmed his language around ending the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme in March.

Mr Frydenberg said the temporary measure was the single largest support package an Australian government had ever undertaken.

“The next phase of the recovery is going to be a private-led recovery,” he said.