“Trade360, an online CFD provider regulated to service traders in Australia (by ASIC), has just announced its new partnership with Cricket superstar Steve Smith. As part of the partnership Smith will serve as the public face for the company and appear in advertising campaigns across all media.”

Since his debut on the international cricket scene, Steve Smith has been thrilling the public with his batting masterclasses and is the current World Number One ranked best batsman.

Trade360, a relative newcomer to the CFD sector, has meanwhile managed to capitalize on its state-of-the art platform and break into the Australian market.

Tapping Unknown Reserves

“I’ve had a real interest in the world of online trading over the last couple of years,” Smith testifies. “It’s allowed me to broaden my knowledge and use a talent I didn’t know I possessed – one for sniffing out market trends.”

The Trade360 is unique in that it offers retail traders the latest analytic advances – sentiment trading. Its ground-breaking CrowdTrading technology comes in the form of an extremely user-friendly readout of real-time events and trader activities aimed at distilling both technical and fundamental data into a simple market activities data stream.

“What drew me to Trade360 was when I started hearing about CrowdTrading. It’s an amazing technology that helps me confirm or question what I think the market trends are when I’m trading. It’s genius really, because you get to see what other traders just like you are doing, instead of relying on computer feedback,” Smith explains.

With the recent Coronavirus lockdown putting all games on hold until at least the end of June, Australia is turning its focus to the upcoming home Test Series against a strong Indian team.

Many fans realize that India’s victory in the 2018/19 series was helped by the absence of Smith from the series. And, indeed, many observers believe that his presence will make this year’s battle an entirely “different ball game”.

A sucker for pressure, Smith considers the debate and everything else that occurs on the side-lines as not much more than ‘white noise’. “When I am out there I pay no attention to the crowd and just move on with playing the game,” he recently told The Australian. “If I can make them proud out in the middle and make Australians proud as much as I can, well that’s my job,” he said.

And now, with his latest trading activities, Smith definitely seems up to the challenge.