Telstra has been issued a warning by regulators after failing to consult residents before installing a base station on a rooftop in Canberra last year.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority said on Monday that Telstra breached the rules by not fully complying with its consultation plan, not sending a letter to all interested parties and not acknowledging a written complaint within 10 days.

Telstra told the ACMA that its supplier, Kordia Solutions Australia, notified some neighbours before installing the base station at 10 Binara Street last July, but failed to notify the residents of an address on Bunda Street after a planner mistook it for an office building.

The resident emailed Kordia to complain but didn’t receive a response, the ACMA said.

“Telstra has taken steps to avoid such problems occurring in future, including reviewing its contractor complaints handling procedures and implementing regular training,” ACMA said.

“Consulting with local communities on new mobile towers is an important step in expanding our coverage and we didn’t get that right this time,” a Telstra spokesman said in an email.

“We’ve looked at where we fell short of what’s expected and we’ll make sure we get it right next time.”