Sony has been forced to pay $3.5 million in fines in Australia after it told customers they couldn’t get a refund for faulty videogames.

Four PlayStation gamers were told they couldn’t get their money back after downloading the games.

The Federal Court ordered Sony Europe to pay up on Friday after Australia’s consumer watchdog took action in May last year.

The court found Sony had breached Australian consumer laws, with the company falsely claiming customers couldn’t get a refund for faulty products.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chair Rod Sims says customers can get a refund or replacement for faulty products.

“What Sony told these consumers was false and does not reflect the consumer guarantee rights afforded to Australian consumers,” he said.

One of the four affected customers was told the original game developer would have to approve a refund before Sony gave back their money.

A fifth customer was offered credit in Sony’s online store instead of their cash back.

Refunds must be given in cash or the original payment method unless the customer agrees to store credit.

“No matter where in the world a company has its headquarters, if it is selling to Australian consumers, the Australian Consumer Law applies,” Mr Sims said.

Sony Europe, which oversees Sony in Australia, was also ordered to cover the ACCC’s legal costs.