The small business sector has raised concerns over planned road infrastructure projects in South Australia, calling on the government to reassess how it deals with business owners.

In the state budget on Tuesday, the Liberal government detailed plans for an $11.9 billion infrastructure program to fuel job creation and economic growth.

But Small Business Commissioner John Chapman says one of the most concerning issues for his office is when roadworks lead to small businesses suffering dramatic falls in trade.

“We have seen businesses go broke because access is cut off and here we have a raft of new projects in the latest state budget threatening to smash small businesses,” Mr Chapman said.

“The government needs to look at creating a pool of funds from the infrastructure budgets which could be allocated to individual small businesses by an independent panel.”

Mr Chapman said the government could allocate a percentage of the total funding for each project to a small business contingency fund.

The provision of funds to individual businesses could then be made after a rigorous assessment process to gauge the level of financial loss.

“Small businesses are not looking for a handout, what they are looking for is a fair go and when government takes away a good portion or all of their livelihood,” Mr Chapman said.