BRISBANE, AAP – Owners of more than 40 per cent of Queensland businesses have been forced to dip into savings to stay afloat, with an average contribution of more than $110,000, new survey data says.

Numbers from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland’s (CCIQ) quarterly survey suggest the combination of declining government support and ongoing lockdowns is having a significant impact on confidence, Policy and Advocacy General Manager Amanda Rohan said.

“Businesses have struggled to get back to business and restore confidence levels to pre-COVID conditions, especially since the end of JobKeeper and the three lockdowns following,” Ms Rohan said.

“It’s meant more than 40% of businesses have been forced to contribute their own personal funds to keep their business afloat, on average more than $110,000.”

The survey comes as South East Queensland emerges from an eight-day lockdown while Cairns enters three days of heavy restrictions.

The state opposition has been calling for more support for businesses affected by COVID restrictions.

“A one-off payment of $5,000 which only a third of businesses can even apply for isn’t going to cut it,” opposition Treasurer David Janetzki said in response to the CCIQ figures.

“We have repeatedly put forward suggestions for a stronger lockdown support package including faster and easier access to payments and a sliding scale for different sized businesses.”

The survey results follow criticism from the National Retail Association after health authorities asked Queenslanders in the south east not to shop online in a bid to reduce the amount of delivery workers in the community during last week’s lockdown.