Scott Morrison will turn his attention to keeping Australia’s economy humming as the dust continues to settle on his election victory.

The prime minister will meet with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday to canvas economic issues in the aftermath of Saturday’s poll.

Legislating the extra tax relief promised in the federal budget is likely to be front of mind for the pair, with the coalition expected to bring federal parliament back before the end of June.

That would allow the government to lock in its planned doubling of a tax offset that will allow people earning up to $90,000 to score a rebate of up to $1080.

The government also needs to quickly pass laws approving other extra spending in the budget, and has promised to create 1.25 million new jobs over five years.

The election win has earnt Mr Morrison high praise from his former rival for the Liberal leadership, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

He remains confident that he wouldn’t have kept his seat on Saturday if former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has been his boss.

“Scott Morrison has demonstrated leadership since last August that Australians were crying out for, and I think they have made the right choice,” he told ABC’s 7:30 on Monday.

“Now it’s for us to get back to work and concentrate on the years ahead, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

The economic focus comes after Mr Morrison held phone hook up’s with the coalition’s leadership group and cabinet’s national security meeting on Monday.

“It is very much a back-to-work day, which enables Australians to get back to work,” Mr Morrison told reporters in his Sydney office.

The prime minister’s victory gives him authority to refresh his frontbench in the coming days.

Several ministerial portfolios are up for grabs after ministers retired at the election, including industrial relations, jobs, indigenous affairs, women, human services and defence.

The decision comes as election counting continues, with the coalition likely to win at least 77 seats, possibly 78, allowing them to appoint a Speaker and govern in majority.

On Monday evening, the Liberals appeared on track to win the Labor-held seats of Chisholm in Victoria and Bass in Tasmania, and had a

The Liberals’ Sarah Richards has also edged ahead of Labor MP Susan Templeman in a tight contest.